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IQ-Sport has made laser shooting suitable for the Olympic Games. The IQ-laser shooting technology  enabled to perform an Olympic shooting competition without the use of ammunition (laser pistol Modern Pentathlon) in the London 2012 OG for the first time ever.

Developer Klaus Kremer created the design and implementation of laser shooting solutions that meet the needs/requirements of sports shooters.

The linked 8-minute video provides details of the IQ-laser shooting technology as a solution for ambitious shooters and sport shooters, as well as for the performance-oriented shooting.

Klaus Kremer, as a consultant for laser shooting, has worked for national and international sport federations, sport shooting federation, for education centers and training centers for personal protection, security services, emergency services, as well as for the police. Klaus Kremer is involved in the development of shooting games, shooting simulations, shooting galleries, laser tag, electronical king-bird shooting, among others as well as in projects to promote the concentration of children and adolescents using laser shooting.

IQ-Sport focus is on biathlon and laser rifle biathlon events.  Laserbiathlon of IQ-Sport is distinguishes itself by the usage of original Biathlon rifles, which are converted into safe, environmentally friendly laser guns and without safeguards allow biathlon promotion, exhibition Biathlon, Biathlon Companies, Incentive Biathlon, Biathlon Workshop, Indoor Biathlon and others. IQ-Sport provides fun biathlon, city biathlon, summer biathlon, modern biathlon, beach biathlon, biathlon training or travel biathlon.

Companies and marketing agencies IQ-Sport Biathlon offers as a roadshow or exhibition promotion with ski ergometry as an authentic alternative to the Biathlon simulator.

Renting of event modules enables IQ Biathlon sports for professional event organizers, all of whom are members of the IQ Laser Biathlon network.

To internationally active clients, IQ-Sport offers the digital networked biathlon event, so to say  a  Biathlon World Cup or Biathlon World Championships for your company.

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IQ – in the media



StadtanzeigerIQ – Sport in the media:

Article about Klaus Kremer in

Kölner Stadtanzeiger from 18.09.2014

as PDF-Datei




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IQ – Sport in the TV:

IQ – Sport Laser technology in Celebrity Big Brother on SAT1, – by endemol:

Big Brother-Banner_OIQ_4530The Laser does not lie!

… shooting with the IQ – Laser pistol in 70m height.


Link to SAT1 – Video – Clip

Link to SAT1 – Video – Clip:

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Youtube-bannerNEW: IQ-Sport Video FIBO 2014 LaserBiathlon Promotion


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important posts about IQ-technology

A compilation of important articles:

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