f + c^3 – true values in vizor

(Focus + concentration x coordination x cooperation)

What is behind this formula and the key message? What does all this have to do with sport and society?

In today’s world and times, the “online types” constantly and everywhere, it now seems like a real art, if you can take yourself  “offline”. Who in modern “society” knows and values the meaning of the words sociable community?

Who can fully focus on one thing (focus / only this thing counts now!)?

who concentrates fully on one sigle task?

Who can coordinate him/herself reasonably and sensibly today (act purposefully – to achieve the goal)?

And finally, who else cooperates with others informally and voluntarily?

If you analyze the language very well, you notice that goal-oriented activity is the key to the solution!

If you want to hit a target – you have to use “naturally” f + c ^ 3 … as a TEAM you have to transfer what you have learned –

TEAM building of a very special kind

… and it can be so much fun that the age group, gender, level of education and social status are completely in the background!

vizor- aiming – meeting = makes you happy and inspires you to do it again and again, voluntarily and better than before:

Self-motivation training of the finest!

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