IQ technology

The IQ laser technology is completely eye-safe and harmless – and extremely environmentally friendly

The technology was developed in 2010 for the London Olympics for the modern pentathlon combined event (laser run) and since 2012 used in there (Klaus Kremer is the inventor of the system)

There is no lead anymore (in the modern pentathlon the system saves / avoids about 85 tons of lead per year)

There is no need for a closed or secured shooting range anymore

Absolutely important in every biathlon or shooting sport discipline is the breathing technique, you can not calmly aim in the middle after a body exercise (for example, cross-country skiing, running, swimming, etc.)!

You have to accept that the rifle wobbles and trembles (absorbs the body vibrations) – and therefore you have to “make” the right decision (pulling off the trigger) at the right moment in the truest sense of the word …